Thoughts on music to Jodhaa Akbar

An A.R. Rahman soundtrack is an extraordinary event. An A.R. Rahman soundtrack for a period film, with Javed Akhtar penning the lyrics, is an even bigger event. I was looking forward to the music release of Jodhaa Akbar. And it was worth looking forward to! It absolutely increases my curiosity for the film, releasing over the next week. A few musings on the soundtrack:

1. Jashn-e-Bahaara is a classic love song that is extremely well-composed and well-written. The lyrical and musical appeal of the song is typical to the combination of Javed Akhtar and A.R. Rahman. Javed Ali as a new singer does very well. But how I wish Sonu Nigam had sung this instead. The vocals are the only element that prevent this very very good song from being an excellent song.

2. In Lamhon ke Daaman Mein is the pick of the lot. I humbly disagree with most of the 'expert' reviewers out there who are quick to dismiss this track. I think it is wonderful. Sonu Nigam and Madhushree provide excellent vocals, and the lyrics and music combine for a collective effect that is anything but ordinary. Excellent!

3. Khwaaja Mere Khwaaja is a traditional qawwali. As someone who is familiar with and a fan of Urdu devotional poetry, I can attest to the relevance and significance of this song. Well sing by A.R. Rahman. Man Mohanaa is a good devotional track, this one sung by Bela Shinde. Azeem o Shaan Shehanshah speaks to emperor Akbar's greatness, and while I am confident that the track will fit in well with the film, it does not do much for the soundtrack.

My rating: ***1/2 (very good)

Overall, I think this soundtrack needs to be assessed after one has seen the film and paid attention to the integration of its music. Typical to an A.R. Rahman soundtrack, seems like this is one that we will enjoy more as we move forward and listen to more often, especially having seen the film.


BeeBz said...

I'm Egyptian :) watched the movie without subtitles at first and loved it like crazy.. but was aggrivated nontheless with the lack of subs so I got the DVD only to find out there is a pre DVD rip copy!!!!
anyway non of this is the point to this post.. I enjoyed the music specially Jashn e Bahara.. I felt at peace the very first time I heard it specially when they used it again without the instrumental background half way through the movie.. God that was heart wrenching to say the least...


theBollywoodFan said...

Hi BeeBz: Thank you for visiting and for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the music, and I'm sorry to know of your experience with the pre DVD rip copy. I've found one good way to identify them to be to look for mis-spelled words in the cover art and synopsis (they seldom get it right, which is amusing), in case the publishers' holograms aren't obvious.

Jashn-e-Bahara is beautiful, yes. After watching the film, I've learned that Khwaja Mere Khwaja is a tune that is difficult to forget.

The movie too was excellent! Here is my review.