Haji Ali and Bollywood

I knew that it has lot of power and did wonders for those who believe in it, irrespective of religion or caste, but the minute I set my foot there, I felt so much at peace with myself. It was like an instant connection. My faith increased tenfold.

-Vidya Balan on her visit to the Haji Ali dargah

Agree completely. I lived in Mumbai for several years, and seldom went to Haji Ali's dargah. Yet, when I did go, it was always a remarkable experience. From walking across the stretch of land over the Arabian Sea, to listening to the wonderful qawwalis, to offering a soulful prayer. Takes one closer to stuff that matters.

Read this article which has a couple of notes on Vidya Balan's appearance in the song Piya Haji Ali in the film Halla Bol, sung by Amzad Farid Sabri. A good qawwali too, well worth repeated listens if you enjoy the like.

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