Family and friends react to Taare Zameen Par

Composing this post from a Starbucks at a Barnes & Noble in Kendall today. An exciting playoff football weekend awaits, and I am here working, scrambling to finish in time to enjoy the games.
Over the past few days, have been getting several reactions to Taare Zameen Par (2007) from family and friends who know how big an Aamir Khan fan I am. A sampling of the comments:

  1. A school teacher from Miami wrote, saying how she had been touched by the story since she sees some of her colleagues not be as kind to her students.

  2. A long time friend who recently got married wrote from Dubai, saying she looks forward to parenthood.

  3. A friend wrote from Toronto, saying how he and his family absolutely loved the film.

  4. A friend from Hyderabad (India) wrote about how the movie was a super hit in the minds of its audience the week it was released.

The list goes on. Not one comment was negative. That seems to be the unanimous conclusion everywhere, which is not surprising. But a testament, nevertheless, to the greatness of one man and his vision. Aamir Khan. We are lucky to have you amid us!

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