Bhula na paaoonga could use a Bollywood makeover

It's been a little tough, more so mentally, to get back to the routines of life after the holidays, which always provide a welcome platform to reflect, think, share, and invest time in maintaining relationships with family and friends. Thankfully, I did a fair bit of that this past holiday season.

Here is a song that has dominated my humming for the past few days. Bhula na paaoonga by Zau (the band) from Pakistan. It is remarkable that a song with such simple lyrics can be so effective. If only the video was half as interesting. Would it not be cool to try to give this a Bollywood makeover? Give it a setting and a couple of celebrities, and this song, which has largely gone unnoticed in the greater South Asian region can easily be a hit.


Ankita said...

thats is soo rightly said, even without the remix the songs or a 'bollywood' touch the song is soo perfect, it soo touches ur heart. I wish to listen to more songs from these guys.

Zeeshan said...

yeah you are rightly so ...... these guys are genious and a very promising star ...... hope we see them with their song in the upcoming bollywood movie

Their site is