Why TZP towers above the rest

Taare Zameen Par is beautiful, touching, graceful, colorful, effervescent, wise, truthful, candid, concise, and most importantly, a film with a simple but clear and rightful message, and one that offers advice and serves as a reminder that indeed, 'every child is special'. That it is our responsibility to respect children, and to help them discover and realize their potential no matter where that potential lies.

The film certainly has the power to change perspectives. The power to force parents to rethink attitudes toward not only their own, but others' children. The power to make peers in a classroom look for reasons to appreciate the weaker students, and understand that there might be circumstances beyond the control of those weaker students that inhibit their academic performance. The power to invoke thought, if only for a second, that makes one appreciate the state of one's health, and to not take that state for granted.

Yes, I am a humongous Aamir Khan fan. Today, again, I am proud to say that :) Here is someone who has made it his mission to make a difference through cinema. To share through his films his vision of ideals and values that have a tangible impact on society. To implement the Gandhi's advice of 'being the change he wants to see'.

To say that Taare Zameen Par is the best film of the year would be an injustice to the film. Let us look beyond merely 2007. This is a film with a lesson relevant in all times, in all cultures. This is a film that towers above the rest in Bollywood today, in an industry in which films struggle to clearly define their identity and over-hype their value proposition well before their release. This, ladies and gentlemen, is an Aamir Khan film, a term which is increasingly and justifiably associated with top-class quality. I am not at all surprised that Aamir Khan just did it again. Maybe it's just the die-hard fan's enthusiasm here, but I hope and pray that the film gets a chance to represent India at the Oscars some day. Yes, I liked Lagaan more, but here is an arguably equally universal message. Need we expect any less from what I call our Thinking Star?

Movie rating: ***** (Excellent -- a must-see!)

My classification: U/G (suitable for all audiences)

Official website: http://www.taarezameenpar.com


Ajay said...

Dude, I completely agree with you on TZP. Excellent film by an excellent actor. Aamir Khan rocks indeed!

Geeta said...

Hey, very well said. I couldn't have said it better. What a movie! I hope it scoops up several awards...

Anonymous said...

easily the best movie of the recent past