Still basking in the brilliance of TZP

Wow. Still reeling today from Taare Zameen Par. What a fantastic film. And what performances! The execution of the script was flawless. Aamir Khan is a rightful taara indeed. And Darsheel Safary is quite a find. Would you believe they're even talking about whether he would get a 'Best Actor' nomination/trophy in award ceremonies next year? Then there is this piece that discusses child actors who were spectacular in their performances.

Suffice it to say that all the critical acclaim that Taare Zameen Par has received is very very well-deserved. It is very rare to see the industry unite and unanimously praise a movie. Taare Zameen Par accomplishes that near-impossible feat.

A word on how well the soundtrack fit in with the film. No song seemed forced, and each song was integrated to provide a perfect fit, like hand in glove. Kudos to everyone on the Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy crew for providing such a tremendous experience to us viewers.

Here is to much continued success for the film!

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