On originality of content

Humanity has always had a problem with plagiarism. Where there is tangible art, there will be the risk of plagiarism, and the greater risk that a breach will be rewarded instead of being condemned. Bollywood is certainly not immune to this. Borrowing themes or music and asking/crediting the source is one thing. Blatantly plagiarizing music and presenting it as one's own is quite another.

This is what I thought of as a fresh controversy erupts over the title song in the film Aaja Nachle. Shame. This is what the song Ya Ali from the film Gangster (2006) means to me. I am a big fan of the film. I rather liked it. I loved the performances in it. I really liked the music to it, especially the song 'Ya Ali'. I credited Pritam Chakrobarty for this until I heard an eerily similar Arabic track titled 'Ya Ghaali'. Not convinced?

Check out the two videos below. 1. Ya Ghaali (by a Kuwait-based group called Guitara), and 2. Ya Ali (sung by Zubeen Garg, from the film Gangster). The latter was made well after the former. Now I cannot help but think...should Pritam be removed from my list of favorite music directors? There is very good reason for that, for there is value in appreciating originality of content. If only he had asked for permission...such a good song, what a waste.

I will continue to like Pritam's music, but cannot help but question his credibility now...dear oh dear. What a shame.

1. Ya Ghaali

2. Ya Ali

Here is one piece describing the issue.

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