Nanhe [Jaisalmer] steals the show!

Saw Nanhe Jaisalmer a couple of days ago, and rather liked it. In a nutshell, the story is about a little boy in Rajasthan. He is the 'man of the house', and supports his mother and sister by conducting guided safari tours of the oft-visited region. He idolizes Bobby Deol (much like Aamir Khan and I), and carries him, his 'dost', with him at critical junctures in his life, providing much-needed advice. The storyline is touching, and I shall leave any discussion surrounding the climax for the viewers deserved to see it sans an all-revealing review.

The storyline with education and night school in the village is very well executed. That is the realistic undertone to the film, and adds a needed reminder to those of us watching of the importance to donate to charity, as much as we can, to provide for the education of children in rural India. Prateeksha Lonkar as Nanhe's mother, and Rushita Singh as his sister, are fantastic.

But this one belongs to Dwij Yadav, who plays the role of Nanhe. He steals the show! His portrayal of the character is very real. Mischievous yet innocent, illiterate yet witty, full of determination and grit, yet requiring inspiration from his role model. So goes the story, which sounds simple at the surface, but is quite well executed. The relationships are well formed -- from Nanhe and his family, to his extended family, his teacher, his companions, his rivals, his 'dost' Bobby Deol, and even his camel 'Raja Jaisalmer'!

My complaint with the film: the music is forced. The songs are out of place, and the music is too redundant. What with Himesh Reshammiya, we have come to expect redundancy across films and across years. If Himesh does not step it up in the very near future, he will be another 'hawaa ka jhaunka'!

My only other complaint with the film: Katrina Kaif is advertised as being in the film, but I did not see her anywhere. Maybe she was in a song somewhere (that tells you what I thought of the soundtrack -- I probably fast forwarded right through the song if Katrina were indeed part of it). But that is an annoying tactic that film-makers must stop using. Remember the out-of-place Kareena Kapoor song It's Rocking in Kya Love Story Hai?

Besides the soundtrack and the lack of Katrina Kaif, however, this is a good film made in good spirit, which is amply reflected in segments through the film.

Movie Rating: **1/2 (good)

Music Rating: * (disappointing)

My Classification: U/G (for everyone)

Watch it if: you want to watch a good performance by a kid actor, or you have a role model celebrity who inspires you.

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