M.F. Hussain -- for art afficionados everywhere

Here is an interesting quote from none other than the great M.F. Hussain (from this piece):

“I don’t like Aishwarya Rai or Rani Mukherjee as their body language is not in conjunction with the Indian quintessence and they are too carried away with their superstar status.”

Completely agree with this. And with Madhuri Dixit, Tabu, and Amrita Rao being the most graceful Bollywood beauties.

Here is an interesting piece on some attacking an art exhibition of Mr. Hussain. This happens everywhere in the region, so there is hardly a surprise here. I am still baffled at the lack of dignity with which our [Indian/South Asian] people deal with certain situations. What does one get by breaking articles, by burning cars, by shutting down stores...sick, but a harsh reality throughout our history. Some day, things will change. We can hope, can we not?

My opinion on the source of this -- the artists -- has always been that they should stay away from objects that are guaranteed to lead to an outcry by a specific group. There will always be a large segment of the audience that has little intellectual capacity to understand the messages behind the works of art, which are often complex and tremendous reflections of thought. Sadly, they are often aimed negatively too at specific stereotypes. Deciding which is which leads to a determination of intent, which leaves too much room for misunderstanding.

Hence, if certain groups' sensitivities are known, why instigate them? This is not too different from a perverse religious cartoon in a newspaper Denmark, or a certain artist by the name of Madonna sporting amid her cleavage a pendant with a religious symbol. Tasteless, and not needed.

Oh well, on to better, more positive, things...

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