Would one expect any different?

Would one really expect anything different? This is what I am specifically referring to. Further evidence that Indian film industries other than Bollywood feel threatened by Bollywood's clear success, popularity and domination over hearts of the Indian public at large.

A lot is being made of Bollywood's absence at IFFI this year. Does it feel better?

Certainly! Bollywood is annoyingly overbearing. I would rather have a festival which is focussed solely on films rather than the stars. IFFI tends to become some sort of a mela where everyone comes, celebrates and goes away. A film festival, according to me, is one which keeps cinematic talent over consumerism.

Obviously, I completely disagree. But here is probably the reason behind that kind of shallow statement.

The dichotomy between south Indian cinema and the cinema of the rest of India is seemingly blurring. What do you make of it?

Well, there are two sides to it. Just as the rest of the India is getting to know of south Indian films, we too have been inundated with Bollywood films. This is good in a way. Because of web guys like you people in the rest of country are getting to know our cinema. But there is a flipside to it too.

For instance when Om Shanti Om released, there were no theatres for a Malayalam film to release in Kerala. Now that is sad. It finally boils down to whoever has more money wins.

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