Saawariya, Om Shanti Om releases -- a day away

What is reported in this piece today is old news to readers of this blog. Om Shanti Om versus Saawariya -- the music battle -- has been on for about a month. The battle finally transcending into the theaters on November 9 should be very interesting to follow.

I shall opt for Saawariya, for I am certain that it will be more believable, less masala'ed, and definitely more technically correct and intellectually superior than Om Shanti Om. However, let us remember that Shah Rukh Khan has a tendency to overwhelmingly dominate the box office -- for good reason too -- and Om Shanti Om seems to have a near-perfect script for a masala film, which is what audiences in India crave. For that, I believe we shall end up seeing Om Shanti Om win the box office battle, while Saawariya might just end up being India's entry to the Oscars next year. Unless, that is, Taare Zameen Par resonates with an audience. Aamir Khan can change things.

In the end, any true Bollywood fan will hope that both films do exceptionally well for having thoroughly deserved to do so. So what if Farah Khan has negative energy all about her? Om Shanti Om will begin and end with Shah Rukh, while Saawariya will begin and end with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. May the battle begin...

...and as we inch closer, I shall be looking to showcase promos of the two films over the next couple of days, followed by a Taare Zameen Par music review on Friday. Stay tuned.

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