On Bollywood and Bhangra

Was at an Indian restaurant last night with several friends of varying ethnicities. The big screen was playing trailers of Saawariya, Om Shanti Om, Taare Zameen Par, and Aaja Nachle, and everyone there seemed to enjoy them quite a bit (one can generally gauge the response by the oohs and aahs on the costumes and dances), although no closed captioning was not provided.

In any case, the conversations quickly turned to Bollywood, and then to Bhangra, and I was asked to speak on the two topics for a few minutes. Now, I am only one, and speaking on behalf of the entire Indian community among influential corporate types requires thinking and speaking with much responsibility (I certainly did not take the task lightly).

I was quite happy to represent 'my folks' and hope I did Bollywood and Bhangra justice while trying my hardest to provide an accurate verbal portrayal to these integral components of Indian culture.

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