A historic Goal of sorts

It might not end up being a winning Goal, but it is a historic Goal nevertheless. The film Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal (DDD Goal), starring John Abraham, Arshad Warsi, Bipasha Basu, and Boman Irani, became the first ever film to release in both India and Pakistan on the same date. Kudos to that!

A few thoughts on the soundtrack: I realize that this is a different kind of film that requires a different kind of soundtrack, but the DDD Goal soundtrack is paltry. There is nothing in the soundtrack that makes it stand out. Billo Raani is the pick of the lot. Given that it is decent at best, one can almost predict the verdict of the assessment of the rest of the tracks. Overall, a rather below average composition, which is atypical of what one expects of Pritam.

DDD Goalis Vivek Agnihotri's second film after Chocolate (2005). Its soundtrack does not come close to the coolness that was the defining characteristic of Chocolate's soundtrack. Pritam was the music composer for Chocolate, and Pritam is the composer for DDD Goal. Unfortunately for us fans, DDD Goal's soundtrack disappoints big time.

Music rating: * (Well below average)

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