Hey Johnny, what a movie!

Saw Johnny Gaddar (2007) last night, starring Neil Mukesh, Zakir Hussain, Vinay Pathak, Dharmendra, and Rimi Sen, and with music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. What a movie! To those who have yet to watch it, this might sound surprising, but I firmly believe it is among the best movies of 2007. The performances put in by everyone involved were excellent. The story almost draws the viewer to a point where one just wants to know what Johnny's eventual fate is. Gripping stuff! The end caught me by complete surprise. I shall not disclose any further, for if you have not yet seen this one, you absolutely should!

The film is exceptionally well made, and what is very unique about it is that its plot revolves around one scene from an Amitabh Bachchan movie -- Parwana. Add to that a background score that is extremely relevant to the genre of the film while not forcing any songs, and the end product is well worth admiring.

Movie Rating: ***3/4 (CLOSE TO EXCELLENT)
Definitely recommend! Excellent performances by everyone involved.

My Classification: R (for violence and depictions of bloodshed)

Watch it if: you enjoy suspense, enjoy portrayals of reality, originality of content, and excellent performances all-round.

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