SRK at cricket games -- marketer or attention grabber?

Read this article today and my only concern is that it took the media so long to get to this! :)

Quite a few officials are unhappy, claiming the leading man of Hindi cinema is using the platform provided by the matches to promote his latest flick, Om Shanti Om.

"This is a much bigger platform than being on a private television station. A match is watched by the entire country, there is no better way to create recall value. We have to be understand that," said an angry official.

Here is what I think: Shah Rukh can do what he wants as far as going to cricket games and all to cheer the team. If I were the BCCI, I would feel that he would steal some thunder from my cricketers (no, Sachin still is the man!) -- that's natural. But that is no grounds for being upset. What is grounds for being upset is Shah Rukh's promotion of his film. With all the promotions of Om Shanti Om outside of the cricket world, it is a little disappointing to see Shah Rukh feeling the need to go into every little (or big -- as this was) corner to promote his film. Eventually, I think the public at large might just tire of him?

And this brings me to Aamir Khan. Being the gentleman he is, he doesn't even promote his film at a friend's store opening. Watch this video. He has class written all over him.

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theBollywoodFan said...

The following SRK quote from this article:

...Shah Rukh Khan responded, "I am disappointed by the comment of my promoting film at cricket match. I watched the match for my son. I will only talk about my films. Next time I probably will not go for any match."