Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii -- lessons learned

Saw Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii yesterday, on the eve of the start to the India-Pakistan one-day series. Before I write of the film, let me just say that I feel most at home with cricket with India-Pakistan games. I remember my grandfather -- who I grew up with -- waking me up on Friday mornings to watch Sachin Tendulkar versus Wasim Akram in Sharjah. I hope we didn't take those moments for granted -- moments and games to cherish. Greatness on the pitch, without a doubt.

Now, Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii is a different kind of film. Yes, it is a film based around cricket, but the lessons to learn from it are worth a lot more. It teaches of passion, courage, loyalty, teamwork, and most of all, the importance of not being selfish and materialistic. That in itself is quite an accomplishment for any film in today's times.

Rahul Bose as Varun is excellent. Zain Khan, who plays the role of Karan, will some day be a popular name if he sticks to acting. Rajesh Khera as Hitler was great. The word 'basket' will never be the same again! There is a special appearance by none other than Kapil Dev. And Meera Vasudevan as Malini won me over, I must admit.

From a cricketing standpoint, the film reminded me of Sachin Tendulkar (how he used to play for Bombay when he was 14) and of Inzamam-ul-Haq, for Inzy's drafting in the Pakistan team was much like Karan's -- Imran Khan at the time saw him play gully cricket and had his bowlers, including Wasim Akram and Aaquib Javed, bowl to him. The rest, as they say, is history.

In any case, watch Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii as more than just a time-pass film. It will make you appreciate life more. And for good reason. While you are at it, you might laugh some and cry some too.

Movie rating: **1/2 (ABOVE AVERAGE)

My classification: U/G (clean)

Music rating: ** (CREATIVE!)
Khula Aasmaan with K.K. and the title song are the pick of the lot. Udna hai hum ko to udna hai.

Watch it if: You want to have a good laugh while watching a clean movie that is suitable for everyone in the household, and will teach one some lessons along the way.

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