Aamir Khan on family, TZP music release

You might have noticed that there is hardly any mention in my posts of the Aamir Khan family situation that has transpired over the past month or so. That was deliberate, of course. See, there isn't a member of the film fraternity I look to more than Aamir. The past couple of weeks, during which I believe the media have been extremely insensitive to Aamir and his family situation (simply because they knew the news would sell), reaffirm why I am a humongous Aamir fan. The dignified silence he has maintained over the issue is commendable, just as his willingness to communicate with his fans is. From his related blog entry at http://www.aamirkhan.com/blog.htm:

The last one month has been a real test for me and my family but I think finally we have reached closure. I thank y’all for hanging in there with me. Sincerely, your words of comfort make me feel so much better.

As I write this it is past midnight in India so it’s 3rd Nov, the date the music of TZP is supposed to release. I know I’m going to get killed for this but…, I think the music might not reach the stores until the 5th!!!

I’m so sorry but it is because I rejected the final GLASS MASTER of the MASTER RECORDING 3 times as I was not happy with the quality, and as a result there was some delay in production. As far as I know our music company T-Series is still trying their very best to reach the CDs and Cassettes to stores by 3rd, but despite their best efforts they might not be able to reach ALL outlets by 3rd. I have been going through your posts and I’m aware of your anticipation, so I know I’m going to get slaughtered for this, but trust me it was so that we could all get better quality sound.

Mark of class and professionalism. All over. Oh well. I guess I shall have to wait a little more for the Taare Zameen Par soundtrack that I was counting down to. Aamir was good enough to post a potential reason on his blog. Does anyone know if the soundtrack will come available on iTunes?

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