Uh oh, SRK...think again

This is why I have a love-hate relationship with Shah Rukh Khan. He is so full of himself. And that attitude is about the only one I cannot stand. It is one thing to be confident. It is quite another to be arrogant. SRK has always led me to believe that he falls in the latter category. On his performance in Chak De India from this interview:

I think this proves that I am a good enough actor to be where I am. And it makes matters easier for me that to beat the best film this year, I have to beat my own film. I don't have to compete with A, B or C hero. I am competing with myself.

Agreed with the first sentence. SRK's performance in Chak De India was very very good. No doubts there. However, completely disagree with the piece in which he says that he is not competing with other actors. The underlying assumption, Mr. SRK, is that Om Shanti Om is the only other big film upcoming in the remainder of 2007. No! What about a certain actor named Aamir Khan?!! Taare Zameen Par will be the best film of the year, just you wait.

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