SRK, Deepika and a Mumbai Sweep

Besides the Bollywood intake, the highlight of my weekend was the India-Australia Twenty-20 clash at Brabourne Stadium in Bombay. India won, of course, marking a Bombay sweep (we had won the last one-dayer, also played in Bombay at the Wankhede Stadium). Why was this game extra-special? Because I grew up in Churchgate (West of Bombay), and had, from my bedroom, an uninhibited view of the Stadium. How I remember the countless Sachin Tendulkar innings and before that, the excitement surrounding the 1987 World Cup of cricket (the Reliance Cup, it was), as I sat in my balcony with binoculars. Aah the good old days. The building I lived in is in this picture:

Now, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone were among the Bollywood celebrities at the game. Deepika, we hear, at the request of captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Here are some pictures from this link.

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