Saawariya offers Scintillating Music

I have talked enough of the upcoming Saawariya and what I believe is its great music over the past couple of weeks, but here is my overall assessment summary of its soundtrack.

Yoon Shabnami is easily my favorite track of the album and will eventually feature in a lyrical/musical genius segment. The title track Saawariya has been justifiably making waves -- newcomer Shail Hada will be heralded in the same lot as Mithoon and the likes if he can replicate this level of success in the future. Jab Se Terey Naina is beautifully sung by Shaan in what has become a legitimate expectation of him. Masha Allah and Pari by Kunal Ganjawala are love songs that are as haunting as they get. Sawar Gayi is the better of the two Shreya Ghosal tracks, and my least favorite track in the album is Chhabeela by Alka Yagnik.

Suffice it to say that Saawariya offers quality music all-round, hands-down. New music director Monty Sharma makes a fantastic debut here. Look nowhere else if you are looking for thought-provoking Bollywood music. It will set the screen alight upon its film's release.

Overall rating: **** (EXCELLENT)

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