Om Shanti Om: Excellence in Art

Remember 2006 and Don v Jaan-e-Mann around Eid/Diwali? That was confusing, pitting one Khan versus another. Okay, so now I am just plain confused and caught in a dejavu over again. November 9 is more than a month away, but I cannot decide whether I want to see Om Shanti Om (OSO) or Saawariya first. First I thought it would be Saawariya for I believe its soundtrack and production crew are superior, but the more I study OSO and its artwork, the more appealing it gets!

I think that the job their team has been doing of promotions is par excellence. For one, they will have the most prints out in the theaters. More importantly, the artwork that has accompanied the film -- from that in the soundtrack to posters and the official website at -- has been unreal. Two thumbs up for Sabu Cyril, Art Director, on a job extremely well done.

As much as I like that two newcomers from families who have been very influential to Bollywood are debuting in another film (Saawariya) alongside one with Shah Rukh and co., I doubt it will take much away from Om Shanti Om at all. Here is to quality cinema! What a good problem to have for Bollywood fans, eh?!

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