Ocean Drive vibes in Garam Masala

An eerie calm prevails here in Miami tonight. With Tropical Storm Noel hovering off the east coast, it is windy (and boy is it a cool breeze all over!). Drove by Ocean Drive on my way home tonight. The vibrant South Beach ambiance was missing. What with tables and chairs stowed away for wind, the exterior of Deco Drive was non-existent. Ah well, the point of this post is that while I was driving in the rain (obviously without the top down, which is not my favorite position), I was listening to the soundtrack to Garam Masala (2005). Recall that the movie starred Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, and lovely ladies Rimi Sen, Neha Dhupia, Daisy Bopanna and Nargis.

A quick share of thoughts on the Pritam soundtrack. Chori Chori, Ada, and Falak Dekhoon (the version by Sonu Nigam) would all fit perfectly in the Ocean Drive setting. Urban, hip, and a great fit in any nightlife scene as well as at an afternoon city drive. Falak Dekhoon by Udit Narayan has to have been one of the best love songs of 2005.

Soundtrack rating: ***1/2 (VERY GOOD)

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