Chak De India -- exceptionally good

So far, absolutely the best of 2007. Few films leave viewers as dumbfounded and awe-inspired as this. Finally finally saw Chak De India last night. Absolutely loved it! This is how films should be made. Full points for originality of content and for truthful depiction of a minority community's perceptions in the country. As a proud Indian Muslim who grew up in India it is tough not to respect the intent behind this one. And yes, the communal strife is accurately depicted. Please do not let anyone let you believe otherwise, for often people like to ignore the realities (think lines from Rang De Basanti). Fantastic.

Shah Rukh Khan's (SRK's) portrayal of Kabir Khan is well worth applauding. Not only did he dare to take on a project others refused (Salman Khan was offered the role first), he delivered excellent results. And let us not forget the other members of the cast, especially of the womens hockey team. While Preeti Sabarwal was my favorite, everyone else performed beautifully too.

Several moments spring to the forefront when dissecting Chak De. My favorites:

1. The piece when SRK recites the following verse from the Quran: Nasrun MinAllah wa Fathun Qareeb. Unreal. The verse, by the way, means 'God's support is with us and victory is close'.

2. The salute of the womens team by the mens team.

3. The making up between Preeti Sabarwal and Komal Chautala.

4. SRK and his mother going back to reside in their old home in the formerly-hostile neighborhood.

Allow me to say this: in addition to ranking Chak De India as the best film of the year so far, I would rank it as one of Shah Rukh Khan's (SRK's) finest performances ever. Right alongside Swades. For all of those (including me) who say SRK is too one-dimensional in his lover-boy roles, this one is certainly a welcome exception.

Movie rating: **** (EXCELLENT)
Suffice it to say that this is clearly the movie to beat in 2007.

My classification: U/G (clean)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah good film indeed
Loved the way Shahrukh reacted when the team won the final..
But i was interested in the last bit..shahrukh one dimensional and all that
See i have noticed that you are an Aamir am i..i mean who isnt?
But to place him on a mcuh higher pedestal than anyone else and to call Shah Rukh a one dimensional actor is unjustified.
To be honest look at how the two started their careers..for the first tn years before rangeela and raja hindustani happened Aamir kept on doing the same roles and people beared him for is so called cute smile(much the same way as it is with Shahid kapoor now)whereas Srk risked his career and took up negative roles in darr,anjaam and baazigar and then DDLJ happpened and he hasnt looked back since
He is an awesome actor in my opinion given the script he has always proven it..I mean look at Swades(that ranks as my personal favorite performance since the turn of the millenium),paheli,josh,shakti
And it is only because of his awesome screen presence that he has been accepted by millions as the witty lover boy
i agree that he is at his hamming best when directed by kjo and the likes and I am so surprised that he keeps on doing such films..
I hope he chooses projects carefully now and tries to define new benchmarks for excellence

theBollywoodFan said...

I agree. A couple of months ago, I saw Swades again. And after watching SRK in Chak De India, I am starting to believe that he has always been a better actor than I gave him credit for. Not that it matters what I think :)

I too hope he picks his projects wisely. It would be very cool to see him continue to 'diversify his portfolio'.