Cash emphasizes style over substance...

...and fails, further illustrating just how bad an impact a poor script can have on any film, no matter how star-studded it might be. It wasn't like I was expecting much from Cash to begin with after the box office reports, but I am still confused at the length of the film and the film makers' belief that this product would sell well. The film had the right design (it was sleek for the most part) but the script left a lot to be desired. Simply put, toward the end, it got too lengthy and too redundant while offering few results. Too cliche for my taste.

A few observations:

1. The first class section in the aircraft (where the story began) had just two passengers. It wasn't even like the aircraft interior looked semi-real. Poor job with the set when the other sets were decently put together. A waste.

2. Zayed Khan continues to look amateurish. No wonder he has not one hit to his credit as lead actor.

3. Esha Deol can't even get an item song right! Why do we just not admit that she did not work out for Bollywood? Word is that because her prior performances were miserable failures, she had to resort to being an item girl. While she might have worked out some, she just does not have on-screen presence and is better off yielding to others. Naa Pooch -- a great song -- would have been much better without her and with her peers.

4. On the bright side...Shamita Shetty's entrance is atypical of a Bollywood heroine. So is Dia Mirza's. Both look stunning and ooze sex appeal. On their day they could beat out Lara Croft! Hot!

5. And speaking of hot...

...Bruna Abdulla in the song Rehem Kare is too classy. The song is easily the best of the soundtrack (which is saying a lot, given that the soundtrack to this is very good). Check it out below.

6. Given that I talk about Ajay Devgan and Suniel Shetty, two of the better actors, in this last sentence to a discussion tells of their insignificance. Their performances in Cash seemed forced and unenthusiastic by all standards. We have come to expect much better from them.

My Rating: *1/2 (AVERAGE)

My Classification: PG-13 (fast forward through some songs, and it's not too bad at all)

Overall, I had expected much more from this star cast. Shamita Shetty and Dia Mirza do all they can to give this a face lift. But this film is all about style over substance. Unless you have time to kill or are a fan of one of the several actors, you might want to stay away from this one.

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