2007: Year of the Bollywood Nerd?

So I have had this discussion with several folks before, during and after graduate school. It hinges on the validity and relevance of the terms: 'nerd' and 'geek'. Besides saying that geeks are cool nerds, my take on the terms has always been positive -- "it sets us apart, giving us self-proclaimed intellectuals a distinction well worth striving to uphold", I kept thinking. "It separates the wheat from the chaff". Except that in all our ethnocentrism and nerd-ish pride, we tend to get caught up in a dangerous bubble, a black hole of sorts, much like Farah Khan, Karan Johar, or Rani Mukherjee...the list goes on. Inward-centric attitudes are not good for the world, I remind myself often. That helps me regulate myself then.

Any way, the flip side is that it suffices to say that just because one is a bookworm does not mean that one is incapable of seeing practicability of what one reads. In fact, those who presume such might be pleasantly startled that a lot of the readers just know more about the world and its diversity than the average non-reader, 'know-it-all' type of person.

Speaking of diversity, readers all of a sudden have a decent number of Bollywood-themed books to choose from this year. Here is a sampling of the 2007 releases:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Dutt
(Author: Sanjay Dutt & sisters)
[more from an earlier blog post]

2. King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema
(Author: Anupama Sharma)
[more in this Washington Post article]

3. King Khan SRK Shah Rukh Khan
(Author: Deepti Gahlot)
[more on the book]

4. Romancing With Life [an autobiography]
(Author: Dev Anand)
[more on the book release]

Given that I am an avid reader, I would start with #s 1 and 2 above. Those, then, would also be my recommendations. Keep in mind, however, that I have not seen many Dev Anand films at all (before you point your fingers at me, though, please keep in mind that he has had very very few appearances, none of which I can recall, since I was born), so that might just be another one well worth checking out before one that has Shah Rukh Khan as the subject.

For my readers in the Americas, happy searching for anything but #4, which seems to be the only one available readily. For readers elsewhere with easier access to the books, happy reading!

Oh, would any of you have any book recommendations? Books on Bollywood, or ones on which a movie was made?

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