The Best Sweets in the World?

All right, so I have to admit that I am feeling rather nostalgic today. Came across this beautiful picture -- so full of activity -- of a block just off Mohammad Ali Road in Bombay (yes, yes, I know it is Mumbai, but I was born and brought up in 'Bombay', so allow me to refer to it as Bombay still, although a lot of my friends and family are purists and use Mumbai instead). Any way, if you are at all familiar with the area in the picture, you might just recall the infamous mithaaiwalas (sweet stores, with more of bakery settings than that of candy stores): Sulaiman Mithaaiwala and Sulaiman Usman Mithaaiwala.

Gee, I miss their sweets. Delicious stuff. Especially the firni and the malpuras. Wah! While I can only dream of such treats in Miami, I could not help but resist this post. The only sweets I would rank next to them are the pedas of Gujarat.

And the connection to Bollywood? Hmm...let's see. Around this locale is where I once saw Javed Jafri and even Sanjay Dutt. Mithaai, anyone?

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