Oh no. Sirf Buddha Hi Nahin Mara.

Hindi cinema ka spirit bhi saath mein mara. Kuch der ke liye hi sahih.

I rarely discourage my readers from watching any movie simply because I did not enjoy it. First of all, judging art (and hence cinema) is so subjective. Second of all, I sincerely believe there is something to learn from all movies. Yes, from all movies, even if they are as nonsensical as some comedies that demand that you watch them for sheer, un-intellectual entertainment while locking your brain in a box.

Well, there are exceptions to the rule, and I learned that while watching Buddha Mar Gaya (2007). Let us just say that when one picks a movie starring Paresh Rawal, Anupam Kher and Om Puri (with Rakhi Sawant providing the eye candy) one expects at least a decent effort at comedy. Even if there is some vulgarity, it is tolerable if there is some sense around it. No such case here.

Buddha Mar Gaya is a waste, from start to finish. I did watch it through its end, hoping to squeeze some laughter from it. I do not recall laughing. See, I find obscenities mixed with sick plots (that is exactly what this film offers, a rather sick plot) intolerable. This movie was one such example. The film is a disaster from its first minute. Nothing changes through its end. Just plain disappointing. What were Paresh Rawal and Anupam Kher thinking when they opted to do this one?

Save yourself the trouble of even thinking of watching this one. It is an attempt at [adult] comedy gone horribly wrong.

My Rating: Zero stars (VERY VERY POOR)

Watch it if: No. Do *not* watch it. A tagline for the movie says: You'll Die Laughing. For the record, the film was so bland I didn't even cough.

My classification: A/R (for plot, language)

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