Kaafila headed the right way?

Saw Kaafila yesterday. Starring Sunny Deol, Sana Nawaz, and several others, the film (the world 'kaafila' means caravan), addresses illegal immigration from and to South Asia. The plot is well worth respecting. The issue is far from fiction. So in that sense, the film works.

But talk about something being overdone. That is what I left feeling like with Kaafila. Everything that can go wrong with the kaafila does go wrong, and that is the film's biggest weakness. No moderations here. Whoever can kill kills, and one wonders how those who survive do.

While the performances are decent (Sana Nawaz fits perfectly in the role, Sunny Deol is, well, Sunny Deol...read: good!), one wishes that Sunny Deol's entry to the film was a little earlier, because it is through his character that the film gets interesting.

Overall, the film could have been at least 40 minutes shorter and it would still retain its value while keeping the plot intact. A much better take on the same issue is offered, in my opinion, in the film Ramji Londonwaley (2005).

Movie Rating: * (Good on intent. That's about it. Stay away)

My Classification: PG-13 for violence/plot.

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