Rang De Basanti on August 15

This was easily among the best independence days I have had since I moved to the U.S. The Child Rights and You (CRY) America chapter at my alma mater, Florida International University, had a little celebration with the national anthem (of course) and some patriotic songs and a speech, following which we all saw Rang De Basanti again at the Graham Center auditorium that was no less than a mini theater. Had a blast. What with Aamir Khan and Co. we weren't expecting anything less.

The day belongs to India. Let us just say this, from a Bollywood perspective. India needs more people like Aamir Khan, or at least more who aspire to make a positive difference for the country as Aamir does. To paraphrase DJ (Aamir in Rang De Basanti) Woh jawaanee bekaar hai jo des ke kaam na aaye. Kya khoob kaha hai. Wah! I am still mesmerized by the film and learn something new each time. Wonderful. This is how all cinema should be...

Happy August 15th everyone!

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