Partner all the way!

Finally saw Partner last night. Starring Salman Khan, Govinda, Lara Dutta, Katrina Kaif, and Rajpal Yadav. Absolutely loved it! A laugh riot from start to finish, it was easily the best movie I have seen this year in terms of the sheer entertainment value it offered. When you have Salman Khan and Govinda partnering, you do not expect any less. Playing Prem and Bhaskar respectively, they set the screen alight and offer memorable performances. This is not an ordinary movie by any means, so expect the unexpected. A few comments on the film:

Salman Khan is absolutely fantastic and delivers an excellent performance. His aptitude for comedy is exceptional. Most of all, he proves that of the Big Three Khans, he is easily the best dancer. That is a big statement coming from a huge Aamir Khan fan.

Lara Dutta is quietly making a fan of me. Not only does she look gorgeous, her acting opposite Salman Khan is very very well executed. Four thumbs up for her performance, for she is proving that of the models that have been part of the recent influx into the industry, she is among the best at acting. And I would place her above Aishwarya Rai for overall cinematic aptitude, acting, subtlety, and above all, class. Did I mention that I think she is hot!

Govinda steals this show. His acting is well suited to the role of Bhaskar. What a comeback to Bollywood! (Salaam-E-Ishq had him in a smaller role, so I won't count that.)

Katrina Kaif looks stunning, and she does a very good job acting as well. She could easily be on the front cover of about any magazine she would want, and she would have deserved it too.

Rajpal Yadav is hilarious as one would expect. Chota Don's sequences are too funny.

Honorable mention to Aamir Khan for his cameo in the movie, albeit through another actor who acts and talks like Aamir. That scene in the theater, with Prem and Naina's son was just class. Kudos to the kid for yelling out, "Aamir you are the best!". That earned my points, I'll tell ya :)

Overall, Partner is by far the best Bollywood offering of the year. The entertainment value it provides is undeniable, and the performances in it are superb. Packed with a good soundtrack and slick dance sequences, this is one movie every watcher will enjoy. A winner all the way!

Movie Rating: ****1/2 (EXCELLENT!)

My Classification: U/G

Watch it if: you want to laugh, watch some of the finest actors light up the screen, and want to watch what I believe is the best Bollywood movie of the year so far.


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