A decent artsy Yatra

Saw Yatra last night. Any movie that offers Nana Patekar, Rekha, and Deepti Naval is bound to be interesting.

My yatra to watch Yatra began with the soundtrack. Saaz-e-Dil Nagma-e-Jaan by Talat Aziz is a fantastic track. Jaam-e-Mohabbat by Asha Bhosle is ultra-enthralling. With music by Khayyam and Gautam Ghose, these two tracks and the others as well make for very good listening if you are, like me, a classical music fan. This is a well above average soundtrack.

The movie itself, alas, was not like the soundtrack as far as the quality is concerned. Yes, the performances were excellent. The plot, however, was not captivating enough. Was it worth a watch? Yes, for I am a fan of artistic cinema. From that standpoint, it was decent. But I would not recommend this to anyone who does not like Indian classical music or artistic cinema, for the film caters primarily to that audience.

Movie Rating: ** (Decent)

Soundtrack Rating: **** (Very Good)

My Classification: A/R (for plot)

Watch it if: you appreciate artistic cinema. Even then, there is not too much to take from this. However, given the dearth of such films, it might be worth a watch. Definitely watch it if you are a Nana Patekar or Rekha fan. Their acting is such that makes a poor plot a decent one.

Listen to the soundtrack if: you enjoy authentic Indian classical music and appreciate ghazals. For that alone, this album is worth the purchase price.

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