Swami - Refreshingly Real

Watched Swami last night. Loved it! It is amazing how movies that are as real as life are not the ones that are most talked about by the media.

Juhi Chawla and Manoj Bajpai star as Radha and Swami respectively. The plot is simple but effective. Ditto to the introduction of the television set in a village household in Maharashtra. The scene where the illiterate parents seek admission for their child to an English-medium school in Bombay is perfectly executed. Also, think about the introduction of the cell phone late in the story with the son growing up to be a professional banker. The attention to detail is splendid.

Here is how I would summarize the movie: There is simplicity. There is love. There is a dream...and there is a rocking chair.

Yes, a rocking chair. Watch the movie to discover its significance.

The movie proves further that you do not need an out of this world budget and sets to involve the viewers. Sentimental value -- a characteristic that is ever present and is not a function of any one era -- is boundless throughout the film. And the sheer love that the Radha and Swami share is extremely well portrayed by Chawla and Bajpai, who prove that they are among the elite and rare artists who can act (as opposed to being a model and having only visual appeal, which unfortunately seems to be a rising trend in Bollywood today).

A word on the music -- it is different, primarily because it fits like hand in glove with the movie, and is used for the background score. Nothing is forced. The music is a perfect complement to the movie, to say the least, and is well worth a listen.

Rating: ***1/2

My Classification: U/G -- this is the cleanest movie to have hit the screens in a long time

Watch it if: you appreciate honest portrayals of simplicity, humility and love in cinema, have a dream you are pursuing, or have ever fallen in love.

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