Saadgi - Simplicity is Virtuous

Words aren't enough to describe India's nightingale. Unanimous agreement among every Indian here - Lata Mangeshkar is the best singer ever in India's history (and dare I say, perhaps the best vocalist in the world's history). It is hard to hold on to that status for over six decades. Lata jee has done that. There will never be another.

I have been listening to the new Lata album titled Saadgi for a few days. Yes, a few days. It is fantastic! True to its title, it is simple but passionate. Simple but thought-provoking. Simple but complex. And before you think there are contradictions here, give the album a listen. Chances are you will be hooked.

Lata jee has not been singing in Bollywood films near as much as she used to. Among those who believe that Bollywood music today is in a state of dementia (I have mixed feelings about this, but then again, I know music not like Lata jee), her latest album comes close to giving that idea some validity.

Mujhe Khabar Thi is my favorite song from the album. Given that this is the first I heard from Lata jee after her great classical duet with A.R. Rehman in Rang De Basanti (Lukka Chuppi), I long for more of her while she is with us.

Lata Mangeshkar - for lack of a better term, you still rock! Now, come back to main-stream Bollywood. You are missed there!

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