Lagaan hits all-time best DVD sales mark

India and England began their summer test series at the Lord's cricket stadium today. Speaking of cricket, now that Lagaan XI have maintained their unbeaten streak (defeating fans in an exhibition cricket game they played at a mall in Mumbai -- see video below), there's more cause for celebration for Aamir Khan, the complete Lagaan cast and crew, and fans of Lagaan. The Lagaan DVD has already outsold Sholay to become the best-selling DVD in India in terms of volume and value. Read this piece for more.

Two things here: 1) How I envy the fans who got to play cricket opposite Aamir; 2) I wish I had an opportunity to purchase the Lagaan DVD set. It is up for sale only in India, and Aamir bhai on his blog told us that we would have to buy it in India and have someone ship it to us. Here's to this being sold in the United States!

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