Did Webster get Bollywood wrong?

Per this Yahoo! News story, 'Bollywood' was officially added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. But dear oh dear, they got it all wrong! :(

Here is what you get if you go to webster.com and look up the word 'Bollywood'. Let us assume that this is the content that is included in the dictionary that will be released:
Function: noun
Etymology: Bombay (Mumbai), traditional center of the Indian film industry + Hollywood
Date: 1976
: the motion-picture industry in India

While I am glad that they note it as the motion-picture industry in India. Yes, it might be one of India's biggest and most well known film industries. But it's not the only one. It's the HINDI film industry. So here's to the Telugu and Malayalam industries, who have given us some of the best acting talent.

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