Aap Ka Suroor -- no Joy here

When Mallika Sherawat is the best actor in a movie, you pretty much get an idea of what the movie must be like (read: low acting quality). I know I have made clear that I am a fan of Himesh Reshammiya's music but not a fan of the person that is Himesh Reshammiya. His effort at acting just solidifies that stance.

Watched Aap Ka Suroor last night. Had my finger on the Fast Forward button for the most part. The songs were nice, as expected. The movie was worse than Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (which I now appreciate more, I must say). A complete dud. I really expected better. But I should have known.

Himesh Reshammiya stays true to his status and acts like an amateur. Actress Hansika Motwani tries too hard without success to look, act and express herself like Amisha Patel. The storyline is so basic you almost can't believe they made a movie for it. Ditto to the buzz behind this one, but thumbs down to the product.

Save yourself the trouble of watching this one. Give the music a listen instead. Your couple or so hours are better spent elsewhere.

Movie Rating: 1/2 (POOR)

My Classification: PG-13

Music Rating: **** (for all ye Himesh fans...this one's a keeper)

Watch it if: you are a fan of Himesh Reshammiya the person. If you like his music, save yourself the trouble of watching this one. listening to the album will suffice.

Website: http://www.aapkaasurroorthemoviee.com/

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