Aamir Khan on Indian Cinema

The following from a post on Aamir Khan's blog. I'll save my thoughts this once. Couldn't have said it better toward the finish.

For those who look down on mainstrean Indian Cinema, I would like to leave you'll with a thought. In my opinion the PRIMARY responsibility of cinema is to entertain. While we can use it as a medium to teach, create awareness, make people think, make people socially more aware etc. the fact is that cinema's PRIMARY purpose is to entertain. And Indian Cinema has been fullfilling this primary responsibility for the last 80 years. For the last 80 years Indian Cinema has been successfully entertaining the vast and varied population of India. People from different states, languages, cultures, economical backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, NRIs, etc. have by and large, together laughed, cried, clapped, and we have forgotten our problems for those 3 hours that we have invested in an Indian film. I sincerely believe this, and I think this is of great social relevance. Now I ask you, how many other areas of social relevance have successfully shouldered their respective PRIMARY responsibilies, - the various politicians who have lead our country for the last 80 years? The administration? The law and order machinery? The legal system? The education system? Think about it. And then lets hear it for Indian Cinema.

Speaking of Aamir Khan, here is something interesting. Had to share this photo of Aamir Khan practicing for a celebrity/fan cricket game at a shopping mall in Andheri. How cool is it to see Aamir use a plastic stool as stumps? It's like our gully cricket back in the day. Gee...wish I was in Bombay for this game though :(

Picture source: This IndiaFM link.

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