Taara Zameen Par (Star on Earth)

Aamir Khan has always been a step above the rest. Yes, he is without a doubt Bollywood's best. His performances delight audiences the world over. He has the best fans (yes, Aamir, you do!), and does his talking on screen.

I am a humongous Aamir Khan fan, for I believe that he is genuine in his acting, serious in the messages his films send to the public at large, and simply unbeatable at the level of commitment and preparation he puts into his work. A true professional, he has never failed to deliver the finest performances for his roles, regardless of his co-stars. That is the definition of a true star.

We learned this week that his forthcoming film, Taare Zameen Par (translated to 'Stars on Earth'), will be released in December. A film name befitting his name, this should be a fun holiday season! Aamir Khan - we cannot wait to see you on screen in a new role that you will so effortlessly assume!

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