Color Me Saffron...again!

It is always compelling to write about something one is biased for or against. That is my case with Rang De Basanti (2006). While a normal review is beyond the scope of this entry, suffice it to say that the countless awards the movie has won at each of the awards ceremonies for 2006 were very well deserved.

My latest viewing (for I have lost count of the number of times I have seen it) of the film came earlier this week when I convinced a professional photographer to watch the movie. Needless to say, he was extremely impressed with the quality of the production, and loved the movie.

Kudos for the film's amazingly artsy presentation. I draw a lot, and every time I see the set that was used when the principal characters of the film (DJ, Sukhi, Aslam etc.) were introduced, I appreciate the art production more. Maybe my next piece(s) will be based on those?

Let this post serve as more as a reminder of the greatness of performances (beginning with Aamir Khan) and less of a review. You know the scoop on this one. And in case you do not, go watch it as soon as you can!

What do I appreciate most about the film...hmm...let's see...I think the portrayal of unity in a friends circle appeals most. Much like Bhuvan in Lagaan, DJ and his gang are above a racial or religious barrier, and eventually start caring for the greater good. That is true leadership.

A note on the soundtrack to accompany the film: Refreshing, meaningful and truly outstanding. A.R. Rehman has little left to prove, but one must appreciate how the soundtrack fits the movie like a hand in glove. Each track has its own flavor, yet they synch harmoniously, which is an A.R. Rehman trait like none other.

Rating: ***** (BEST!)

Classification: NC-17 for language, however PG-13 would work if the prints were censored for language.

Watch it if: you want to see one of the best movies ever made, appreciate excellence in cinematography and script-writing, appreciate outstanding all-round performances, understand leadership and want to see it in action on celluloid, are an Aamir Khan fan.


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