Cheeni Kum -- Hilarious Sarcasm

The publicity and promotion surrounding Cheeni Kum were a big boost to its viral marketing efforts. Over the past month, it has been the most talked about Hindi movies, at least with the people that I would meet. Amitabh Bachchan pairing up with my personal favorite, Tabassum Fatima Hashim (a.k.a. Tabu), and Paresh Rawal in the mix offer an intriguing prospect and promise an entertaining fair.

And they deliver. Although the movie could be about 20 minutes shorter toward the end when things get a little redundant, it still is an above average offering.

Amitabh Bachchan (AB) is very comfortable in his role as an arrogant owner of an Indian restaurant in London called spice6. The arrogance comes naturally to AB, and before theBollywoodFan discloses whether he belongs to the Bachchan camp or the Khan camp, let's move on to the real star of the movie, Tabu :)

The thing with Tabu is that she is always so real, so genuine. I am a Tabu fan for the very reasons I am an Aamir Khan fan. Reading one of the pieces in this month's India Today magazine on her only confirms one's admiration for her. No surprise here -- Tabu is fantastic is her role as 'Neena'.

Paresh Rawal's is a character most can relate to because of his love for cricket. 'Cricket ka mecca' is the term he justifiably uses for the Lord's cricket stadium in England. I have been to the stadium - the best sounds of cricket belong there. And let us not forget that India's World Cup win in 1983 came there too! Ah Lord''s to a successful outing for team India at their tour of England.

And finally, a word on Zohra Sehgal. I shall always know her as 'amma' from Amma and Family, a show that aired on Home TV back in the mid-to-late 1990s. Zohra is outstanding and unbeatable at what she does. Of course, the song 'Jiya Jaley' also comes to mind from the movie Dil Se where she was ever-present as well.

Overall, Cheeni Kum has several funny moments that are executed to perfection by some of the industry's finest performers. No complaints here besides the length of the film, but overlook that and you have a recipe for an entertaining time out. Go watch this if you haven't yet, but shed any biases you might have on the ideal age difference between a couple who are romantically involved.

Rating: **1/2

My Classification: PG-13 for parts of plot

Watch it if: you want to laugh, and to appreciate true beauty i.e. without much make-up (Tabu)


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