Bheja Fry - a Cool Difference

For quite a while, I have not laughed as much in an hour and a half as I did when watching Bheja Fry. Not knowing what to expect when I popped in the film, I was pleasantly surprised by what the film had to offer, and have been recommending it to friends since.

Rajat Kapoor and Vinay Pathak are fantastic as they play Ranjeet Thadani and Bharat Bhushan respectively. The overall result is a hilarious ride through the film that is a lot of fun.

The sequences that stand out most relate to the times Bharat Bhushan spends on the phone. Those, and sentences like 'Ayega ayega mein kitni baar ayega?' are excellently executed, and make for a very very hilarious time viewing.

Watch this one and pay attention to the dialogue -- it is rare to have such witty, sarcastic but mostly clean comedy in today's times. Good job crew! You made my bheja fry until golden. And I enjoyed it!

Rating: ***1/2

Classification: Watch out for Rated-R language in uncensored prints.

Watch it if: you want a laugh, and want to get a decent insight into the mainstream urban life and culture (especially language) of the lower-upper and upper-middle classes in Western India.


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theBollywoodFan said...

Sadly, I just discovered that Bheja Fry is not an original, and is adapted from the English film 'The Dinner Game' without giving due credit. Tsk tsk...what a shame.